“Happy House, Happy Life” How to navigate from chaos to calm

Are you already dreading the summer holidays? Worried about how you are going to cope with the arguments, the constant bickering, demands for attention, sibling rivalry, constant chaos in the house, and no peace. Do you have a love-hate relationship with the joy of summer evenings but dread the challenge of getting your child to sleep. Are you feeling like you spend all your time firefighting, exhausted by the verbal tennis match of achieving anything. Burnt out, frustrated, and at a loss as to how to re-establish your authority and loving connection with your children.

I encounter parents that feel under-resourced and overwhelmed frequently. Children are energy-rich and supercharged with pester power but lack emotional intelligence and self-awareness until they mature. Life experience develops these gifts, provided that a nurturing loving space is held for them. Parents believe that their children are cared and loved but may be unaware that trauma is not what happens to us, it’s our internal response to what happens.

Both parties want and need the same solution, loving connection but are not clear on how to begin.

Are you and your family ready to learn how to manage the moments of stress/anxiety together?
Together empowered to create a family unit that is based on equality, respect, healthy boundaries, and personal freedom combined with a desire for growth and honouring each other’s innate wisdom.

I believe the role of a family is to balance the power of all, not one above the other, growing through listening, sharing openly, allowing the uniqueness of each member of the family to shine, creating a win-win for all involved. Growth does not have to be difficult; it can be great fun. It’s totally possible to parent from a place of power that’s balanced with a nurturing force that can keep you all lovingly connected to each other.

If you’d like more open informed healing conversations that are solution focused in your home then you’re ready for my course. The course is recorded for you to watch together. It begins with a short orientation video. Then three videos will explain the brain-body connection. We think with our mind and feel with our body so understanding that connection is super empowering. The next video outlines this learning in a visual context to ensure all the family are clear on the information regardless of age. The next seven videos provide action steps on how to use your body to support you through moments of stress and or anxiety. I then provide a guided relaxation. Lastly, there are additional videos for parent-only viewing. They cover bullying, communication tools, how to apply kindness to sibling rivalry, sleep reset routine, and language tips to avoid adversarial communication with your teenagers.

What it will require from you is commitment. Commit to watching just under 60 minutes of content, in the company of your family. There are also some videos for parents only, as mentioned above.

Sign-up is simple, just follow the link and prompts. You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire pre and post-completion as it allows me to stay in touch with your experience, outcomes, and challenges you may encounter.

Love always,